Sunday, May 1, 2011


So ... Where to start ? First, of all, let me introduce to you my excellent friend the mango tree ... Spent this afternoon in his company and under his shadow. Here, you might, like me, redefine the term "heat". So, the mango tree was more than welcome. Nicole and her friends (festival crew, families, kids) invited us to their refuge on weekends. We had a barbecue along the Niger River (20km away from Niamey), we swam less then 100 meters from Hippos (kinda scary actually).

The festival was a mess. So, no spins, no workshops. But very nice encounters. That's the most important ! We got to play approximately 20 minutes per head, thanks to DJ Rim K from Dakar who brought turnatbles. Not cd ! Turntables ! In Africa. Where, except for Dakar (where people still play and by wax). So, as the guys had cd's, they couldn't compete. And anyway, there were not enough conpetitors. 5 out of eight never showed up. Bummer ! Dj Cool from Burkina Faso did his thing after a 5 minutes explanation about Serato. And smashed it.

Boubey on the mangotree.

Yesterday night, after the mess, we went out in a club right along the River. Beautiful place. Like Waow ! Horrible soundsystem. We heard lots of coupé-decallé, international hits like Stromae or Black Eyed Peas, and even Gabber Techno. Some girls were stunningly gorgeous. But a gorgeous bounty hunter is still is a bounty hunter. So, take some distance ! As I said, "Flag" is an old friend of mine. We had to celebrate our second meeting.

Tomorrow, I'm playing my "Voodoo Kwak" in the dustbins in Niamey. Crate digging !

Shout out to Big Ismael, the perfect fixer.

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