Thursday, May 5, 2011


As D Day is getting closer (only 9 more days of patience, folks), I asked Format to record a mix exclusively for your listening pleasure. Considering the amount of work the man has to do, he couldn't do it but sent this one instead. A "Special Latin" mix he recorded a while ago to promote his compilation for Fania Records. He told me this : "The mix starts off quite slow & mellow and gets faster. It's an ok mix but nothing special so i hope it's ok for promotion..I don't usually play so many Latin records,i prefer to mix things up and play Funk/Rock/Hip Hop/Latin etc all together to keep it interesting for everyone but i made this mix for a UK radio station when i was promoting my Fania DJ Series Vol.2 CD a while ago".

33 minutes of pleasure indeed ! And it is more than ok for promotion purposes ...



There are more mixes to be listened to HERE

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