Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Armand The Tailor, Bruno Dj Cool Coulibaly (Burkina Faso), Big Ismael The Fixer, Dj Rim K (Senegal)

So, there it is. Everything has to come to an end. This trip obviously had to come to an end. So I'm back in Brussels after a messy journey where my bag got lost between Casablanca, Niamey and Brussels. And I got stuck in Paris for a night due to the curfew in Ouagadougou (but that's another story). Alister G and Jean-Luc, the guys from Togo, had to leave on monday morning. And hit a 24h bustrip to Lome. In total, they were something like 50 hours on the bus. All this for a show that lasted approximately 14 minutes and 47 seconds. Frustrating !
Monday, we had a very nice day of shopping, the crate digging session didn't happen because I forgot my portable turntable. I planned to go back to the spot the next day then realized there would not be a next day because I had to come back home. So, Nicole organised a big meal. Karim brought his decks and we gave a worshop for 5 very enthusiastic kids. To see them with stars in their eyes was the reward for the rest.

Jean-Luc, Rim K, Philippe, Jean-Marc, Nicole, Alister G, Bruno Dj Cool

So, there you go ... Good times ! Hope we all see each other again next year. Until then, whatever you do, do it good !

Les Roniers by night

Shout out and massive thanks for the wonderful times in general to : Nicole, Jean-Marc, Philippe, Ismael The Fixer, Bruno, Karim, Alister, Jean-Luc, Hotel Les Roniers, Docteur Plume, Jacques Le Rebelle, Cyriac, les kids (Lucas, Tayane, Lanna, Mathilde, Kylian, Nazim, Kali, Kezia), the mangos, the Flag beer, the marvelous sun, the laterite, the Niger River. Hope to find you all in shape, laughs and smiles somewhere next year.

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