Sunday, March 13, 2011


Will Quantic Holland is an english man living in Colombia. For the last 10 years, he released numerous records on the mighty Tru Thoughts label under various monikers like Quantic Soul Orchestra, Quantic Y Su Combo Barbaro, or simply Quantic.
He is also an outstanding dj and compilations provider to be filed under the rare grooves and latin discoveries domain. Check his latest compilation called "Quantic Presents Tropical Funk Experience" on Nascente Records to fully understand what it's all about. Those who have witnessed the fitness of the man behind decks remember an outstanding night of smiles, dance and sweat.
This friday, april 1st, Club Chaleur ( a new concept powered by Dj Reedoo and Strictly Niceness's own Dj Kwak) is pleased and proud to welcome him back in Brussels. It's been a minute.
Welcome back Will.

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