Saturday, February 5, 2011


This time it’s all about wax ... vinyl, records, call that however you want ... You know, that piece of wax Dj’s used to spin prior to the digital age.

Nia Saw is Belgian from senegalese origin. She lives in London and learned how to spin with Keb Darge ans Andy Smith; two of the most well known record collectors worldwide. She was the co-host at the infamous Deep Funk Night at Madame Jojo's in London. And she has jewels in her record box as you will be able to testify in front of a court on the next day. Oh yes, gentlemen ! She’s candy for your eyes as well as for your ears.

Rico Colantoni is her local equivalent. A master at finding the funkiest 45 available around and spinning them with style and ease.

Add the Residents to this menu, you’ll have what will be a pretty good party.

The entrance is (much) cheaper before midnight. It is even free before 11pm.

Expect timeless classics and discoveries in funk, soul and beyond

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