Friday, February 11, 2011


Joanna Bee is, first and formeost, a good friend of mine. She is an all around music activist promoting Women in hip hop via her collective called Supafly, she runs not one but 2 shows on Fm Brussel.
Here, she shows a lesser known side of her multiple talents ... She Sings. Very well ... "Mellow Boy" is a slow jam produced by herself and Gabe Meden.
As she was unfortunate enough to badly injure herself during Christams period, instaed of being stuck at home, she now spends an enormous amount of hours in a studio somewhere in Poland. These hours in the studio should lead to an enormous amount of music produced ... Looking forward to her many projects.
Get well soon, Dear.

Click on the arrow to download.

Mellow Boy by JoannaBee



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