Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Back in the mid 80's, movies like "Beat Street" or "Break Street" would definetly transform me into what I am today. A hip hop fanatic. I remember asking this guy called Stéphane (who had a pair of turntables) to record a tape for me with the hip hop and breakdance from that time, and he did. I still have that tape somewhere, it was my first ever mixtape. Steph has to be thanked because I never had the chance to tell him how much that tape had a crazy effect on me. Thanks, man ... a lot !
Anyway, this track, that was on that precise tape, is a breakdance classic that still works to this day. I broke my neck 251 times trying to headspin while it was in the tape deck as we would try to catch the phases we were seeing in "Beat Street". This is an "historical" electro track. A classic. On the same level as "Looking for the perfect beat" by Bambaataa or "Time Space Transmat" by Model 500.



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